Five Great Magazine Covers Featuring Nude Women Slathered in Food


Okay, so the above shot, the album cover for Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass' Whipped Cream and Other Delights, of course isn't the front of a magazine. But how can you talk about nude women slathered in food without mentioning this classic, which kicked off the genre? I happen to have the album on 8-track (true story!), played it today, stared at that woman--and stared and stared...

It got me trying to remember all the magazine covers over the years that had hot babes in total or near-undress covered in foodstuff. It's such an easy eye-grabber--food? Sex? The articles? Sold! One cover popped out immediately, another came to mind...then, nothing. But I found three others for consideration--all, of course, after the jump.

1. Monica Bellucci Covered in Caviar for Esquire

The classic, from back in the day when every Esquire cover was a classic and not the same B-list hottie with cover type flying diagonally off of her. Bellucci, perhaps the most stunning Italian woman since Sophia Loren, looks not only delectable but downright divine, Aphrodite Venus in all her alluring glory.

2. Hanne Troonbeeckx Covered in Caviar for P Magazine

Troonbeecks is perhaps the Flemish people's only contribution to world culture since inspiring "In Flanders Fields," but she's a much-cheerier gift: a television personality of some sort. I'll leave it to Dave to decipher the magazine cover to see exactly why they put her on besides she's hot and naked.

3. Lady Gaga in Her Meat Suit for Vogue Hommes Japan

Is a comment necessary here? Maybe that she should've worn a bacon belt?

4. Amanda Griffin Slathered in Honey for Rogue

So the woman isn't exactly naked--is anyone arguing? I guess Griffin is something big in the Philippines, and she's gorgeous, but I'd still rather ogle Jollibee's food in Anaheim than her. Still, no complaints about this cover, which comes from a magazine aimed at Filipinos.

5. Monica Bellucci Covered in Caviar for Photo

Hello, stranger! I don't mind repeating this picture, and neither does photo compilations, as the Bellucci portrait is a classic on the level of a Rubens, a Picasso. In fact, I think all magazine covers should be this one, with the occasional guy thrown in for the ladies and our gay guys out there. Bon appetit!

Oh, and honorable mention goes to Heidi Klum covered in chocolate for her recent book--now, sell those pictures for a cover!

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