"Boiling Point" Taiwanese Hot Pot Restaurant To Open In Irvine

Photo from Boiling Point Website
What you see above is a Taiwanese hot pot from a restaurant called Boiling Point, a popular San Gabriel mini-chain that started sometime around 2007 specializing in the Sterno-heated dish. There are stores in Arcadia, Hacienda Heights, and Monterey Park, not to mention a few out of state. The next is planned for Irvine in the same plaza as Buffalo Wild Wings and Caspian on Culver near the 5.

On its website, the seven varieties of hot pot on offer is described as "So hot. So bubbly. So stinky. So wanty! Originated from Taiwan, stinky with a great savory taste, non-greasy and non-fattening are the distinctive features of our famous soup base."

Edwin Goei

For now, the Irvine store is nothing but a banner. Peeking inside the space, I saw that not much has been done. They've barely started gutting the place. Whether it will take as long to complete as some of the long-awaited new restaurants at Diamond Jamboree (Chef Hung, etc.) remains to be seen.

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