A Slice of New York Pizza to Open Second Location

A Slice of NY Pizza's Seal Beach location

Huntington Harbour residents will soon have a new neighbor: Seal Beach's A Slice of New York Pizza will open its second location, next to Trader Joe's in the Huntington Harbour Mall. According to employee Eric Hodgin, the expected opening date is early September.

A Slice of New York makes one of the better examples of a New York-style crust in Orange County because it bakes the pies directly on the hot brick floor of its deck ovens. That direct contact with the stone crisps up the crust properly. Sliding the raw dough off the paddle into the oven is an easy thing for a skilled pizzaiolo, but most shops take the lazy, sure-fire shortcut by baking pies on a metal screen. If some pizza guy tells you he makes real New York pizza and you see a screen pattern baked onto the bottom--tell him he better go back to Brooklyn and study how it's done.

According to Hodgin, there will be much more seating inside, as well as a patio. Also, there will be a few new menu items, including pastas, salads, and (FINALLY!) beer and wine. You'll be able to linger a bit without someone hovering over you, waiting for your seat, and wash down your pizza with an adult malt soda. With House of Brews and the brand-new gastropub Red Table as neighbors, we hope it'll step up with some thoughtfully curated beers and wines.

A Slice of New York Pizza, 16821 Algonquin St., Ste. 101, Huntington Beach,

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A Slice of New York Pizza

16821 Algonquin St., Huntington Beach, CA

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Matt Carr
Matt Carr

Is this place ever going to open?While I agree that the Seal Beach location is not the best NY Pizza (coming from an East Coaster who has lived in NYC) it still is better than most of the garbage pizza you find out here.  La Rocca's and Upper Crust are not bad places but still a long reach from good NYC Pizza


 born and raised in ny.cali pizza is 'cali pizza'just different shit.slice is good as fuck.


Illianos in Tustin had amazing thin crust pizza but closed down.  True NYC style good pizza in OC is still a mystery I haven't solved.


This is the first time you ever let me down, Professor...

I made my first visit to A Slice of New York in Seal Beach in early May.  The good news: it looks like New York pizza.  The bad news: it tastes like BAD New York pizza, the kind you'd get from a 24 hour shop near Penn Station or the Port Authority, owned by a Lebanese immigrant who also sell gyros and (bad) fried chicken. 

A Slice of New York's slice was greasy and completely flavorless...the sauce was bland and not overly tomato-ey, and the mozzarella had none of the creamy, buttery-ness that should make you savor it. 

The guy who served me on that Sunday was gracious and hospitable, and the atmosphere appropriately conjured Jesse Orosco striking out Marty Barrett in October '86........but methinks A Slice of New York was probably better a decade ago and has slipped badly. 


You're as wrong on this as you are about Old Vine Cafe!

Shuji Sakai
Shuji Sakai

I agree with you - the pizza has changed over the years, and not for the better. But a legit New York pizza is still a rare find in our fair Orange Acres. Maybe you and me should open one, JB.


Either a pizza shop or a bagel shop!!! Or should we go back home and do fish tacos or French Dip sandwiches? 

No worries, Professor, after you led me to TK Burger in the mid-2000s, you accrued a lifetime of goodwill!!

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