7-Eleven Gives Away Free Slurpees Today (It's 7/11, Get It?)

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You'd think that it's an opportunistic marketing move for 7-Eleven to pick today, 7/11, as the day for its annual Slurpee® giveaway; but according to its corporate website, July 11th is its actual birthday.

It was also once their operating hours (from 7 a.m.-11 p.m.), as everyone knows. So naturally, they'd want to repeat the lucky numbers again: it's a relatively modest 7.11 ounce cup they're giving out for today only, while supplies last at participating stores.

USA Today had a piece on the giveaway, pointing out that people who are "enamored" of anything with the word "free" in it are essentially fools and suckers who waste gas and line up to get a free drink that has a value of about a $1 and "no nutritional value."

To that I ask: Is there anything at 7-Eleven that has nutritional value?

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This whole month is "7-11" [July 2011]...you'd think we'd score some free hot dogs or taquitos out of that.....

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