The 5 Most Memorable Food Moments in South Park History

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South Park turns 15 this year, and as a way to thank fans for their loyalty, the Comedy Central favorite is rolling out all sorts of hoopla--a documentary, an art exhibit, new merch, and as Shuji recently reported, Cheesy Poofs! (If other fictional-to-edible products are any indication-Frosted KrustyO's at 7-Eleven, Duff Beer in Latin America-people are gonna eat this stuff up, literally.)

Throughout South Park history, food has played a major part in making us laugh and gag. Here are five foods that I'll never look at quite the same way again.       

5. KFC

When fast food is banned in all of South Park, the town goes into deep withdrawals. Cartman joins a KFC smuggling ring, where he cuts up fried chicken skin with a credit card and snorts it. A methadone-like clinic dispenses KFC gravy for people to get through the day. The Colonel kills Cartman's partner, an "informant for Jamie Oliver." (Episode: "Medicinal Fried Chicken") 

4. Fish Sticks

Cartman and Jimmy come up with the funniest joke of all time (psst, it's about fish sticks), but Kanye West doesn't get it. An aside: The real Mr. West responded to the episode, saying, "I'm not actually a huge douche." (Episode: "Fishsticks")

3. Crème Fraiche

South Park takes on America's obsession with the Food Network, equating food porn with, well, real porn. Randy takes over the school cafeteria, where he serves "Asian slaw on flatbread with parmesan aioli" instead of pizza, and launches his own cooking show, Cafeteria Fraiche. ("Crème Fraaaaaiche" theme song here.) He soon finds himself facing off in the Hell's Kitchen Nightmares Iron Top Chef Cafeteria Throwdown Ultimate Cookoff Challenge, complete with cartoon appearances by Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Paula Deen, Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis (and her "perky tats and giant head"), and, of course, the always-melodramatic Jamie Oliver. (Episode: Crème Fraiche)   

2. Tacos 

A song made famous by Miss Hennifer Lopez. "Don't forget the hot sauce, chulu!" (Episode: Fat Butt and Pancake Head) 

1. Chili 

In one of the most over-the-top-disgusting (meaning: classic) episodes of all time, Cartman gets tricked into buying pubic hair by ninth-grade bully Scott Tenorman. Cartman's ultimate revenge, which takes place at his Chili Con Carnival, is twisted as hell, even for Cartman. (Spoiler: "Do you like your chili Scott? Do you like it? I call Mr. And Mrs. Tenorman chili.") Shiver. (Episode: "Scott Tenorman Must Die") 

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How about the episode where Cartman proves it is possible the shove food up your butt and crap out of your mouth,  and Martha Stewart does an elaborate show about cooking up a holiday turkey, then proceeds to shove it up her butt? 


OMG I love that one where cartman eats all the skin off the chiken lol.


How did chocolate salty balls not make this list?


Chocolate salty balls didn't make this list because it is sexual in nature.  That being said if I were making the list, I'd put it at number two, and taco flavored kisses wouldn't be on it.  Not only was that episode not about food, I just didn't really enjoy it.


Sexual in nature, yes. But about food none the less. And if you didn't enjoy the taco flavored kisses why is it number 2 and not 5 with KFC being 4? 

Vince Vuong
Vince Vuong

I'm going to snort my chicken from now on... GENIUS!

Amy Monacella
Amy Monacella

HA! These are like, all my favorites. Except the chili one. That one is so so gross. I Creme Fraiche and Medicinal Fried Chicken are two of my absolute favs.

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