Wienerschnitzel to Give Out Limited-Edition Golden Wiener Antenna Toppers Starting Monday

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All that glitters is not gold...this one here is an even-more special edition of the mascot!

True story: I've never eaten at Wienerschnitzel before, but I consider myself a fan. You can only imagine all the PR crap I receive from all matters of freaks, but the world's largest hot dog chain has consistently put out some of the better PR stunts around (I still have the mini-children's book they released a couple of years ago, along with a publicity shot of their mascot--FUNNY!)

But the company--founded 50 years ago by John Galardi, who learned everything he knew from Glen Bell of Taco Bell fame--has outdone itself this time with its latest promotion: a gold-plated colored plastic version of their mascot, to use as an antennae topper. Okay, so it's fake gold, but still!

It can be yours starting Monday if you purchase a meal combo deal, or buy one for 99 cents at all Wienerschnitzel locations. But hurry--the supplies are limited, and first come first serve.

Even though the Wienerschnitzel people sent me one over the mail, I want more of these things--yeah, I'm a nerd like that. Expect a review of my first-ever Wierneschnitzel experience soon...

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