Torch Restaurant Opens At Old Ripley's Believe It Or Not Building In Buena Park

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Torch Restaurant
Believe or not, Torch Restaurant opened last week in Buena Park at the building that used to house OC's preeminent showcase of freaks until The Real Housewives aired. The owner told me that he's actually been ready since around May, employees hired and final touches made; but the local governing fire authorities had a different opinion. They were delayed at least several weeks.

Before this venture, Tavinder Sawhney was the original owner of Shenai Restaurant in Brea. After selling that restaurant, he converted this 8,460-square-foot space that housed shrunken heads and genetic mutations into a groovy lit restaurant, banquet hall, and lounge.

The restaurant's Facebook page suggests "dressy" attire. The menu is still largely Indian of a southern bent; but Chinese and Thai dishes like Hunan filet mignon and pad Thai sneak in, as well as sliders. Yes, sliders...with Kobe beef, Thai pulled pork and turkey tandoori, believe it or not!

7850 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620

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Max Morales
Max Morales

Sounds like the owner doesn't know how to slap hands properly with the fire inspector ... or how to design a focused menu. You gotta get down and get funkly.

BTW, I always read the Ripley's Believe or Not cartoon and find it hard to get through one (usually three different "believe it or not" facts) without going to the Wikipedia for more information. The cartoon is probably put together by a committee these days, but it's still good.

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