Shane Taulbee, Memphis at the Santora Chef, to Open New Restaurant Featuring The Foods of His Native Ohio

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The news item came from a proud Preble County paper, with the headline "Preble County natives to open restaurant named Camden in Los Angeles." Where is Preble County? It's in on the western edge of the state, near Dayton, Ohio.

And what the article means by Los Angeles is actually Santa Ana, specifically the gentrified historic Yost Theater at 307 N. Spurgeon St.

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The Ohio natives are Shane Taulbee, longtime chef at Memphis at the Santora (and the creator of the immortal "Cobra" fried chicken sandwich that Gustavo raves about), and his business partner, Heather Petersen, both from Camden. And in the restaurant they will name after their hometown, the two will offer tastes of Ohio. Taulbee hopes to offer barbecue pork spare ribs to honor the Preble County Pork Festival, a local delicacy of fried sponge mushrooms, and recipes featuring black walnut, something Camden residents celebrate with an Annual Black Walnut Festival.

The restaurant hopes to debut in late July, and in the article, Taulbee and Petersen offer fellow Preble Countians a free meal at the new eatery if they can get out to Santa Ana.

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Heather Petersen
Heather Petersen

Thank you for the shout out, Gustavo.  And thank you, David for the clarification on some other details.  

Heather Petersen
Heather Petersen

Ah, you're all talking about my favorite...Skyline Chili.  Yes that is definitely a Cincinnati, Ohio dish!  I get it catered in by the case in cans and I serve it to my friends all the time!  Not sure if we'll have a similar item on the menu yet.  Would you like to see that on there??

David Hastie
David Hastie

Everyone at Memphis is happy to see one of our own reaching for and achieving his goal of opening and operating his own restaurant.  Congrats Shane.

I just need to clarify that Memphis' Chef is, and always has been, Chef Diego Velasco.  I'm not discounting Shane's contributions in any way--he's been a valuable part of our kitchen team as a line cook bringing years of experience, creativity and catering knowledge.

Shane can be credited with introducing us to bison and creating our Bison Burger with cranberry mayo and gorgonzola cheese along with numerous nightly specials.  However we must give proper credit to the creator of the "Cobra"...the sandwich originated as a lunch special at Memphis Cafe, created by one of our long-time cooks Abel.  It was popularized as a recurring special and a favorite of another cook, Tommy, at Memphis at the Santora.  Tommy's nickname is El Cobra, the sandwich soon became knows as the Cobra.

Once again, congrats to Shane.  Can't wait until Camden opens...yet another cool, independent restaurant within walking distance of work and home for me and my family to enjoy.

Cunning Stunts
Cunning Stunts

I hope he features the chili over spaghetti with the unique chili you can get at the Ohio Chili Parlors!!!

Its a wonder that those places only survive in Ohio. I don't know who would not like that in S. Cal.

Make mine a 5-Way!!!!!

David Hastie
David Hastie

I had to look up Ohio Chili and 5-way...but once I did it made me think "Make mine a 5-way!!!!" too!!!


About 15 years ago, while still in a groggy semi-conscious stupor as I was connecting from a red-eye Delta flight from Portland to LaGuardia, I was fascinated by a display in Cincinnati's airport about the city's heritage that featured spaghetti with chili as an indigenous concoction.  I had a similar reaction: why didn't I think of that. 

I fused pasta and chili at home for awhile in the late '90s/early '00s, especially during those chilly Eastern winters.  California climate notwithstanding, if I saw it on a menu here, I'd order it without hesitation!!

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