Marie Callender's Declares Bankruptcy, Closes Seattle Location and Kicks Out Eating Customers

Marie Callender's has always fostered an atmosphere of down-home, matronly cooking, from its start as a single location in Orange County during the 1940s to its reign today as a multi-unit empire. But I wonder how Ma Callender would feel about news that not only did her company declare bankruptcy, but that diners at a Seattle-area location were booted out, mid-lunch, because of the bankruptcy.

Talk about COLD...

The Seattle-area media is understandably going loco over the story, with the best account so far from KOMO-TV Channel 4: not only did they get the offending location's manager to reveal that orders from up high demanded he close the Marie Callender's immediately--even though 25 people were celebrating a birthday in the back room--but they also got a quote from Marie Callender flacks, one of whom said, "This was a very difficult decision to make. We certainly apologize to any guests in the restaurant...There are certainly a variety of factors that go into the decision-making process. I can't go into that specifically. It is a well thought-out but a very difficult decision."

"Well-thought out" decision? I haven't been to Marie Callender's in years, and now sure as hell never plan to visit any time soon--and when Marie Callender's emerges from bankruptcy court, this ultimate diss to customers will haunt them for years...

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