Marie Callender's Declares Bankruptcy, Closes Seattle Location and Kicks Out Eating Customers

Marie Callender's has always fostered an atmosphere of down-home, matronly cooking, from its start as a single location in Orange County during the 1940s to its reign today as a multi-unit empire. But I wonder how Ma Callender would feel about news that not only did her company declare bankruptcy, but that diners at a Seattle-area location were booted out, mid-lunch, because of the bankruptcy.

Talk about COLD...

The Seattle-area media is understandably going loco over the story, with the best account so far from KOMO-TV Channel 4: not only did they get the offending location's manager to reveal that orders from up high demanded he close the Marie Callender's immediately--even though 25 people were celebrating a birthday in the back room--but they also got a quote from Marie Callender flacks, one of whom said, "This was a very difficult decision to make. We certainly apologize to any guests in the restaurant...There are certainly a variety of factors that go into the decision-making process. I can't go into that specifically. It is a well thought-out but a very difficult decision."

"Well-thought out" decision? I haven't been to Marie Callender's in years, and now sure as hell never plan to visit any time soon--and when Marie Callender's emerges from bankruptcy court, this ultimate diss to customers will haunt them for years...

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Last time I went to MC, there were bugs in the salad bar. 


We haven't been to a Marie Callender's in years. My parents liked to eat there when I was a kid, and so did I. But there food in recent years just got crappy. I blame the fact that they went corporate with the frozen foods and such, changed their priorities.


Similar thing happened to me at Flower Pig in Garden Grove. My friends and I were the only ones eating there, but while we still had meat on the grill, the (presumably) owner got into an argument with his wife. He turned the lights off on us, yelled at us saying that we ate enough and to get out, and then yelled at us to get out again when we tried to go up and pay. He then yelled at us while we were walking out and told us to come back and pay. While we were paying, he went to the table we had been sitting at and starting bashing the table with one of the chairs. He damaged a present I'd given to my friend that night. Never went back and told everyone I knew to stay away.

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