Japanese Scientist Creates Fake Meat From Human Feces?

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This has been going around the Interwebs the past week, creating a shitstorm, as it were, of press coverage: A Japanese scientist has allegedly created meat from human sewage.

And of course it would. It's got exactly the right ingredients for a story to go viral: a sensational and icky claim and a video that looks credible. Fox News, and other news outlet repeated it citing the YouTube video and reported the story matter-of-factly, taking the opportunity to lob some admittedly clever toilet puns in the process.

But a few didn't take the bait and smelled BS. CNET and at least one other blogger noted that they couldn't find a trace of the scientist anywhere on the web except in references for the same story. They questioned why a Japanese scientist would label his vacuumed-packed final product "shitburger."

Perhaps the answer lies in applying Occam's razor: What's easier, more likely and more fun? Actually attempting to create fake meat from poop? Or producing a video purporting someone did?

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It came from Japan. That's why nobody questioned artificial meat made out of feces and called "shitburger". Story might be fake, but c'mon...if it comes out of the UK or Switzerland, people would've called it out.

Classic case of Boy Who Cried Anime Tentacle Rape Porn Panty Dispensing Machine Sex Robot.


This is a hoax. Another clue is the first name of the "scientist" pronounced phonetically is "Meat so yucky." This has been circulating since the 80s. See http://visionsgreen.com/2011/0....

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