It's Coming: The Angry Birds Cookbook

Cute Food For Kids
​Now they're really milking it. (Er, egging it?) Angry Birds, the superfranchise with T-shirts, plushies and board games, is entering the culinary world with an upcoming cookbook, featuring mostly egg recipes. Eggs, really? Aren't there little angry fetuses inside?! Bacon would seem like the more appropriate ingredient.  
Mashable reported the announcement by Rovio exec Peter Vesterbacka at the Open Mobile Summit in London. The book will be self-published and available in book form and as an ebook app.

No word yet on the release date, but in the meantime, for those of you who want to make your food look like pissed-off feathered vertebrates, might we recommend starting with a cake or a gingerbread house, or my current favorite, a Mini Babybel?

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Is this part of their media expansion? I fully understandthe animated series and the movie. But a cookbook that focuses on egg recipesis just plain stupid. How about green pig recipes? I think they should alsoconsider doing it, not! 

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