Gordon Ramsay Tries Planking in Newport Beach, British Media Declares Trend Dead as Result

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Gordon Ramsay's Twitter page

Oh, those silly Brits! Gordon Ramsay was in Newport Beach over Father's Day and went fishing off the coast. Somewhere along the line, he had someone take a picture of him "planking," the Internet phenomenon that is lying face down somewhere and taking a picture of it, the more bizarre the location, the better.

"17 knots and #Planking towards Newport Beach !!" Ramsay tweeted to his followers, with most of them taking it in stride. Of course, good-natured fun set Fleet Street a-ragin' to declare planking dead, now that Ramsey partook in it.

Gordon Ramsay's Twitter page

"However, the fact that craggy-faced chef Ramsay thinks the practice is now cool is more likely to put youngsters off trying it than anything," the tabloid Daily Mail opined. The slightly more sober Daily Telegraph, meanwhile, wrote as a headline, "Fallen star Gordon Ramsay destroys coolness of planking with Twitter Gulfstream IV picture," referring to the shot above (maybe shot in a John Wayne Airport hangar???).

Ah, those Brits are nothing but haters. But the question remains: where, if anywhere, did Ramsay eat in OC? And what drew him to plank?

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