"Whole Foods Parking Lot" Video: Miracle of Filmmaking!

Everyone's posting this, so we should as well--along with our own Whole Foods Nazi experience!

Once, at the Whole Food mothership in Austin, I took out a camera to photograph the multi-colored bell pepper display and their produce Gestapo stopped me within in seconds to say no photos allowed unless their media wranglers were escorting me. I forget the exact words, but I remember "Your papers are not in order...." How this crew managed to film inside the store is a mystery.

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I worked at a Whole Foods here in OC(there were 2 at the time...not sure how many there are now), and people would come in all the time photographing shit; sometimes they would be writing on clipboards whilst taking pics. Nobody ever gave them problems, aside from, at most, a manager asking "Can I help you?" to which they'd say "no" and the manager would leave 'em alone. I don't have any Whole Foods Nazi stories. Had no complaints, actually(other than the mandatory meetings at 7or 8am): there was tons of free food to be had(via legit reasons or nefarious methods), good pay, hot chicks galore and best of all, I was a "dairy specialist". This meant I worked a great deal in the walk-in fridge, being the guy that you see stocking soy milk and vegan cheese from behind the wall of product. The reason that was awesome was that the Specialty Department kept their beer back there. You wouldn't catch me stocking Yves Veggie Dogs or the like without a cold craft brew in my non-busy hand. No way, no day. I eventually got a better job, though, after 18 months at WF, and just decided to skip the whole 2 week notice deal and just stopped showing up.

As for this video...you sure are playing fast and loose with the word "miracle."


"You wouldn't catch me stocking Yves Veggie Dogs..."


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