Former U.S. Senator Tom Daschle on Rising Global Food Demands: "One of the Greatest Challenges Facing the Human Race"

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Honestly, I don't remember much about former U.S. Senator Tom Daschle, other than he represented one of the Dakotas, he lost in an upset, and his red-framed glasses seem stolen from the collection of Sally Jesse Rafael. So I'm not sure how Daschle became chairman of something called the DuPont Advisory Committee on Agricultural Innovation and Productivity for the 21st Century. But when Daschle is saying in the report that rising demands in food production, coupled with rises in prices and a shrinking of lands is "one of the greatest challenges facing the human race," you know we better listen.

Daschle penned an op-ed piece for Politico on the subject. "That's why we must increase the rate at which we grow nutritious food, grow it with sustainability and make it accessible and affordable," he wrote. "The situation is dire but not without solutions. We can take action to reverse or mitigate the threat, but we must act now."

Of course, Daschle's newest master has a vested interest in making the world's food supply grow: they're a multi-billion-dollar chemical company with an active role in pesticides, fertilizers, and even genetically modified seeds. So while you should pay attention to the message, screw the messenger...go organic!

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Arby Trent Darby, Ph.D.
Arby Trent Darby, Ph.D.

Daschle was the Senate Majority Leader until South Dakota voters gave him the heave. No doubt, a set-back for his lobbyist-wife. Later, he became point man on health-care for Candidate Obama and was slated to become Secretary of HHS. But he turned out to be a tax cheat with lame excuses. Unlike fellow tax cheat Sec. of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, Daschle had to withdraw. File him under "d" for dopus corruptus or under "y" for  yo be better than thou.

Arby Trent Darby, Ph.D.
Arby Trent Darby, Ph.D.

For you kids who use the OC Weekly to study for tests: I just looked Daschle up and remembered that he was back to Minority Leader by the time he got the heave-ho from the Great State of South Dakota.

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