Houston, We Have The Flaming Hot Cheeto Hollandaise Burger

Houston Press
Jaws dropped, eyes bulged, clouds parted and fingers typed "Houston airfare" when we came across this post from our sister paper, Houston Press. The Flaming Hot Cheeto Hollandaise Burger, oozing with hot cheddar cheese and topped with an egg and spicy Cheetos, is served at one of Houston's best burger joints, The Burger Guys. Food trip!

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Waylon N. Moneen
Waylon N. Moneen

All the great food in Houston, and you spotlight this monstrosity?? Excellent Mexican, great seafood, wonderful Vietnamese and Chinese, etc., and, unlike California, Cajun and Creole and lots of outstanding BBQ (both Texan and Southern) and other Southern, including one of the things I miss most -- homey cafeterias. Jumping burger tricks with Chemical Cheetos don't cut it for this here Texan.

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