Eddie Lin Appears on Which Way, L.A.? to Talk Shark Fin Soup

We always shamelessly self-promote the many media appearances of the Forker familia, so click on the embedded clip above to tune in to Eddie Lin of Deep End Dining fame talk shark fin soup on KCRW-FM 89.9's prestigious Which Way, L.A.? last night. What did he say? Tune in...

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Cunning Stunts
Cunning Stunts

The Chinese like to defend a lot of their questionable practices with "tradition" or "culture". There are many cultures in the Middle East where women are treated horribly and unfairly. Many of those people live here. Yet we don't let them use the "culture" excuse. You can't kill your wife in the USA if she has an affair, for example. There were many reasons presented in the audio segment that reasonable people would say "we should not do this anymore". From the eco system, to the cruelty (we get mad and egg farmers who have chickens in cages, yet we let people cut the fins off sharks while they die a slow painful death as they are thrown back in the water. It would be like cutting off your arms and legs and throwing you into the ocean to die) there is a reason to stop this. Let's not let people use the "culture card" when there is no reasonable defense. Not only for this but for anything. And if any "(pick the race) - American" can not let go of their culture for things like this, perhaps they should go back to their homeland where they can cling on to and live that culture more freely.

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