Buffalo Wild Wings to NFL: Please End Lockout--We'll Give Away Free Chicken Wings if You Do!

Buffalo Wild Wings is a bit better than okay, but it does have financial might as one of the country's largest chicken-wings franchises and is also a bellwether of the coming financial disaster that will happen to thousands of restaurants across the country if the NFL doesn't reach an agreement with its players' union, thus depriving those businesses of a bunch of hungry football fans every Sunday during the fall.

Thus, the Minnesota-based company has taken the extraordinary step of not only writing an open letter to the NFL virtually begging it to come to an agreement with its players, but also pitting football fans against owners with this: a promise to give six free chicken wings to anyone who signs its open letter. At 16,000 signatures so far, that translates into nearly 100,000 wings.

Nation's Restaurant News has the full story.

That's a good way to earn goodwill with fans, but let's see if it has any effect on those rapacious owners. . . . In the meanwhile, here's to hoping other companies start doing the same.

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