Brü Grill & Market Gets Approval to Open in Lake Forest

Photo from Brü Grill & Market's Facebook
Last week at a public hearing, the city of Lake Forest put its stamp of approval on Brü Grill & Market, a project slated for the spot once occupied by  Carino's at the Orchard Shopping Center on El Toro Road.

The new eatery has recruited Tripp Mauldin from the Pelican Grill to be its executive chef, but it won't strictly be a restaurant that serves his so-called "urban cuisine." There will also be a tasting room with more than 100 craft brews (including those from the Bruery, Bootlegger's, Nobel Ale Works, Cismontane and Anaheim Brewery), 50 wines, gourmet cheeses and artisan breads.

A press release has said that "guests enter the restaurant through a small market," then the tasting room, with a large "Community Table" in the center.

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Paris Elizabeth Plankey
Paris Elizabeth Plankey

i am looking forward to see this place it looks amazing on the outside cant wait to see what it looks like on the inside. i have been reading about it on facebook and the oc registery.


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