Second 85°C Bakery Café Location to Open in Hacienda Heights

Usually, it's LA County that imports its Taiwanese eateries to OC, not the other way around. For two examples of this, see Liang's Kitchen and the recently opened 101 Noodle Express in Irvine.

But now perhaps the biggest of all--the Taiwanese answer to Starbucks, no less--85°C Bakery Café will debut its second U.S. store in Hacienda Heights after three years of proving there's a demand for squid-ink bread and sea-salt lattes in Irvine.

Edwin Goei
"Demand" is an understatement if you've ever seen the queues on weekend mornings or, heck, lunchtime any day of the week.

Eater LA has revealed the new bakery will shoot for a July opening, which is about around the time you'll get to the front of the line if you start waiting now.

Click here for a review of 85°C Bakery.

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