Yet-To-Open Huntington Beach Restaurant Hiring, Reveals a Few Dishes

More restaurants should do Facebook and put useful info there like the way Red Table has. Their page has revealed more about what the planned Huntington Beach restaurant by Chef Louie Jocson, formerly of Karl Strauss Brewing, will serve. As appetizers or a solid-food buffer to beer, there will be deviled eggs, something not enough restaurants do (or do well), along with a number of flavor-topped fries.

One is dubbed Bollywood with curry and chutney. Another is called "Stoopid Fries" with spicy dust and a "stoopid spicy dipping sauce". There will also be babaganoush, roasted beets, grilled pork belly offered as small plates. More substantial bites come from sandwich dips, burgers, and plates featuring pan roasted chicken, braised short rib or salmon a la plancha.

Also, they're hiring. Today, another Facebook update has announced a cattle call for all positions and instructs prospective team members to e-mail for an application. Interviews begin next week.

The restaurant is slated for a summer opening at 16821 Algonquin St #105, Huntington Beach.

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The Red Table...First time I was there I enjoyed it so much I was telling everyone what a great place and they should go.  On Monday, 10-24-11 I was there anticipating another great experience.  Not so good, We were asked if this was our first time here this was my fourth time. No one told us we are supposed to seat ourselves and there was not a sign stating this. The Red Table needs to change their web site that reads Anticipate exceptional service.  It was the worst.  Our food was delivered before our Wine.  They had a wine tasting demonstration going on every table but ours was getting to taste wine. I met up with a friend I had raved about the Red Table to and asked if he had tried it yet.  He had not, so I said don't bother.  We thought going on a Monday would be better then a busy time, thinking of course we would get exceptional service....NOT.

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