Japanese Gourmet Fair at Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa This Thursday To Sunday

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Edwin Goei
Mitsuwa during their Autumn Japanese Food Festival

I was browsing Mitsuwa for exotic Kit Kats when I noticed booths being set up inside the store/food court for something big this week. Then I realized it's about the time of year for Mitsuwa's Umaimono Gourmet Fair.

The food event starts this Thursday, May 26 and lasts till Sunday, May 29. What will you see there?

Ramen, of course. In addition to the old food court standbys, there will be two new noodle purveyors for this event only. A shop called Tatsunoya will will do a tonkotsu ramen, their soup milky white from simmered pork bones. Kitahama Shoten from Hakodate, a city in the Hokkaido prefecture, will feature white miso ramen and a shio ramen that's distinctive to their region.

There will also be vendors selling takoyaki (octopus balls), baked sweet potatoes, inarisushi with crab meat, mackerel sushi, eel sushi, and other eats.

For more details, check Mitsuwa's website.

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Mitsuwa Marketplace

665 Paularino Ave., Costa Mesa, CA

Category: Restaurant

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I am SO there! Like I need an excuse, aside from ramen, to visit Mitsuwa. :)

Max Morales
Max Morales

Octopus balls? Is that the same as Mount Fuji oysters?

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