This Week: San Juan Capistrano Hosts Inaugural Restaurant Week

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Photo by JC Vera
Sol de Sur's Dave Emery
Here we go. San Juan Capistrano joins, well, just about every other city on the Restaurant Week bandwagon. But a deal's a deal.

Spurred by the city's Chamber of Commerce, this week (from May 16-22) about twenty San Juan Capistrano restaurants will offer a special three-course meal at the fixed price of $15, $25 or $35 for dinner and $10 or $15 per lunch.

The Chamber is also selling $10 wristbands, which according to their website, entitles you to "receive extra values - small wine pairing, a dessert upgrade, additional side dish, etc., - throughout the entire week." Translation: Your mileage may vary.

Restaurants participating include Cedar Creek; Hidden House Coffee; Hummingbird House Cafe; Mr. B's Pizza Kitchen; Café Mozart; L'Hirondelle; Marie Callender's; Sundried Tomato Cafe; The Tea House Los Rios; The Vintage Steakhouse; Skimmer's Panini Cafe; Ricardo's Place; Tannins Restaurant and Wine Bar; Rick's Cafe in the Regency Theater; Thai Juan On; Sol Del Sur Bistro; Sarducci's Capistrano Depot; Ruby's Diner; and El Adobe de Capistrano.

But ever the overachiever (as I said in my review), Sol de Dur's Dave Emery isn't going to settle on just three courses. He's offering FIVE! Check out his planned menu, and for God's sake, make a reservation.

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