Texas Schools Taking Pictures of Kids' Lunches to Study Their Eating Habits

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Say cheese, grilled-cheese sandwich. A school district in San Antonio has installed a system of cameras that takes a picture of what kids are eating and not eating for lunch.

Paid for by a $2 million research grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, researchers on this pilot project will use the before and after shots of children's trays to determine what kids like to eat and how to create healthier lunches from that information.

The system reportedly is hooked up to food-recognition software capable of identifying the items from their shape, volume, color, density and texture. Methinks it's going to get inundated with a lot of tater-tots shots.

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Brian Kildare
Brian Kildare

For two-million bucks, I wonder how many part-time undergraduate psych or soc majors they could get to do the observing? The government geniuses who approved this grant are the same kind of bureaucrats you find at the DMV and the IRS -- the same kind who will APPROVE/DO NOT APPROVE your request forms under government health-care -- so lift your glass to the brave new world. It's almost here (and you won't be lifting many glasses under the regs contained in: Health and Happiness, federally required approach to maintaining).


you must be employed by the private health insurance cabal that skims 20% of every healthcare dollar for bloated executive salaries, shareholders and overheador maybe a blogger troll sitting in your cubile being paid by the koch bros

20% a better return than mafia loansharksmedicare 6% overhead 

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