Tequila Real de Mexico, Our Drink of the Week!

Shot while I was in my usual home: the gutter...

Javier wrote in March about Chuy Tovar, the representative behind Tequila Real de Mexico. The signature drink he concocted, the Real Mexican, was a good one: fragrant, sweet, assertive with muddled jalapeño and cilantro. But I didn't have a chance to drink the tequila in its natural state, unmitigated by any other flavors.

That changes now.

When people ask me to describe the difference between tequila blanco, reposado, and añejo, I offer the following advice: añejo is to sip, reposado is to drink, blanco is to get wasted and waste on cocktails. Blanco, of course, is the least-aged style of tequila, and therefore offers the harshest flavors--usually blindingly brutal, the type of drink that inspires men to fight and cry about women from long ago.

That's not what Real de Mexico's tequila blanco is about. It's immediately spicy, instantly sweet, thicker than its kind usually is. Strong, sure, but this is a tequila blanco with layers, as opposed to too many other tequila blancos that hit palates with sledgehammers and nothing else. Although blanco is best for drinks, you can buy Real de Mexico as a sipping or drinking tequila and wow many a Mexi with your choice of booze. My liver shudders at the thought of how ambrosiacal Real's reposado and añejo are...¡hécheme otra copa, compa Chuy!

Find where to buy Tequila Real de Mexico at--where else?--tequilarealdemexico.com.

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Chuy Nomas
Chuy Nomas

 Gustavo - you are spot on...most people cannot have blancos by themselves thus relegated to be part of a cocktail...but not all Blancos are created equal...you can definitely sip Real de Mexico Blanco...Salud!


Your explanation of blanco, reposado, and añejo is stunningly ignorant and only surpassed in inanity by the fact that you put it in print!

There are many excellent blancos that can be sipped with friends.  To think that you'd put Cielo Blanco or Porfidio Plata in a mixed drink says a lot about you = 'tard.


Spoken like a true clueless gabacho! Your beloved brands are muck.

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