[UPDATED: Restaurant Makes Peace with a 'PETA-rita' Margarita] Pink Taco in Century City Celebrates Cinco de Mayo By Painting a Donkey Pink and Chaining it to the Restaurant

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UPDATE, May 9, 7:33 P.M.: After the jump, the restaurant "clears up some misunderstandings" about the donkey and offers a special PETA-themed drink. 

UPDATE, MAY 7, 6:22 P.M.: After the jump, people protest and restaurant owner Harry Morton speaks!  

UPDATE, MAY 6, 5:35 P.M.: : Corey Conrad, who handles special events at Pink Taco, confirmed that the Twitter account @pinktaco_la is not theirs and does not know who runs it. He says Pink Taco will release a formal statement about the ordeal next week.  

ORIGINAL POST, MAY 5, 11:58 P.M.: Some restaurants get festive with some streamers and a piñata. Others spray paint a live donkey, tag it with their company name and chain it to their entrance. 

That is exactly how Pink Taco in Century City celebrated Cinco de Mayo. 

I wonder what marketing dimwit, sloshed off too many overpriced margaritas, came up with the genius idea.

The glaringly pink donkey, standing in 85-degree-plus heat, was sighted by several concerned passersby, who instantly turned to Twitter and Facebook. 

The Facebook page Boycott Pink Taco Century City was immediately launched, urging people to complain to the manager. Since then, Pink Taco has pulled the plug entirely on its social media presence, deleting its Twitter and Facebook accounts, as reported by the vegan food blog quarrygirl.com

An officer gave Pink Taco a cease-and-desist order, making the restaurant take down the "display" as it didn't have a permit, according to a woman named Serina Romeo, who has been making phone calls all day about the issue. Romeo says the officer checked for signs of animal cruelty, and found that the paint was not toxic and adequate food and water were provided. 

A representative from Pink Taco could not immediately be reached.  

Apparently, "Pinky" the pink donkey has been the mascot of Pink Taco since as early as July 2007, when the first Los Angeles location opened. Watch a stereotype-loaded video here.  

It seems that protests are being planned. We'll keep you posted.

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