Oscar Mayer Unveils Wienermobile Food Truck

Oscar Meyer
Here's a luxe-lonchera we can wholeheartedly endorse: to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its iconic Wienermobile, the country's first gourmet food truck (Gustavo note: not really, but let's play along, shall we?), the hot dog giant has trotted out a mini-version from which its franks are sold.

It debuted yesterday in Times Square, and a press release notes it'll travel to 12 cities this summer, including those fountains of culture known as Columbus and Pittsburgh. It'll probably land in Los Angeles, and probably not OC, which is a damn shame. Which begs the question: when is the Goodyear blimp going to unveil their luxe lonchera?

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Hey nice post its first gourmet truck its supply hot dog huge has trot out a mini-version from which itsfranks are sold.thanks for sharing this article with us


Do they serve them on corn tortillas? With pickled daikon?


Can I get a wiener ring??

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