On The Line: Jared Cook of St. Roy Chef's Pub At Vine Restaurant, Part Three

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The Mexicali burger comes highly recommended by chef Jared Cook, because it's insane. Tell us what you think as he shares everything (but the secret sauce) below. To view Parts One and Two of our interview with St. Roy Chef's Pub at Vine, you can click here, and here.

Mexicali Burger

Ground Beef, formed into 8-ounce patties. (We use a house ground blend that's about 30% fat.)
2-ounces queso fresco
1/4 avocado, sliced thin
Romaine lettuce, shaved thin
Yellow Spanish onion, diced small
Serrano chiles (2 per burger), roasted or grilled until soft
2-ounces Mexi sauce (My Mexi sauce is secret but I can tell you to mix mayonnaise, sour cream, lime juice, and your favorite hot sauce, and you will have something close)
Brioche buns

Season burgers with kosher salt and pepper. Grill to desired doneness. When the burger is about two minutes from being done, top the patty with the queso fresco and cover to melt.

Toast brioche bun on the grill. Once toasted, pull off and apply about one ounce of Mexi sauce to the bottom bun.

Once sauced, add the burger itself. Top with cilantro, chopped onion and shaved romaine. Cover that with another ounce of Mexi sauce.

Top with top bun. I like to skewer the grilled chiles with a steak knife and stick the knife through the burger for presentation.


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