OC Greek Fest This Weekend in Anaheim

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Zorba dancing, souvlaki and baklava--that's right, it's time once again for OC Greek Fest at St. John's Greek Orthodox Church, 405 N. Dale Ave. in Anaheim. While the county is dotted with plenty of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, purely Greek food is a little hard to come by (and no, that skilotrofí they sell at Daphne's doesn't count), so take advantage of the opportunity while you can.

The best part of the whole celebration is the dessert tent, where baklava, kataifi and sometimes galaktoboureko (pastry cream-filled phyllo dough) are sold--go early before the yiayias sell out.

The festival is Friday, May 20 from 3-10 p.m., Saturday, May 21 from noon to 10 p.m. and Sunday, May 22 from noon to 10 p.m. Free parking is available behind the Buena Park Sears, with a free shuttle to the (parking-challenged) church. For details and a coupon for free admission, go to ocgreekfest.com.

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Bill T.
Bill T.

Sounds like a ton of fun, wish I could make it down there.  :-( 

Abzorba the Spongefisherman
Abzorba the Spongefisherman

Guess I was away from my native California too long -- I never thought it would be a place where you had to explain Greek food to people.

I wonder what expatriate Californians would think if they saw the following kind of description for some Fiesta Mexicana in the Omaha Weekly:

"The specialty is the legendary burrito -- a lightly cooked flatbread called a 'tortilla' wrapped around a variety of fillings such as green beans, tiny meatballs, and well-cooked farfalle (or bow-tie) pasta. You'll think you're in the middle of Mexico!"

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

There aren't too many purely Greek places around here. There's nary a single place where I can go to get a Mykonos-style grilled fish (or cuttlefish) with lemon, salt and oregano... so it shouldn't come as a shock that I had to explain galaktoboureko.


Dave what place you are refering to? I am always looking for great Greek food, but I haven't found it in S.CA yet. 

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