Michael Jordan Signs On as Sommelier at the Ranch

Michael Jordan, member of the Court of Master Sommeliers, former president of the Beachcomber restaurant in Crystal Cove and the former wine director at Napa Rose at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, has signed on as the sommelier at the Ranch, a steakhouse and live country music venue opening this November in the new Extron Electronics building at the corner of Ball Rd. and East St. in Anaheim, according to owner Andrew Edwards.

The Ranch's website promises a cellar of 5,000 bottles, which ought to put Jordan right at home; he is well-known for giving wine classes to the waitstaff at his restaurants so that they can advise diners competently.

Edwards is also in talks with local breweries to feature Orange County beers when the restaurant opens, and is looking to add high-end mixology to the bars. Add to this staff hired from noted steakhouses from Beverly Hills to Long Beach, and the restaurant is certainly shaping up to be much more than a honky-tonk.

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Unless he's bringing Scottie Pippen to play small forward with him, methinks this eatery is going to be one big bust.  I mean, really...a sommelier at steakhouse/saloon?

The Ranch seems to be following the script of the late, lamented, Ambrosia in Santa Ana:  a millionaire/billionaire opens a super-upscale vanity restaurant in an area which isn't a dining destination, and draws no traffic whatsoever.  Food Editor: when this place fails sometime in 2013, kindly hyperlink this comment to the Stick a Fork in It post announcing the failure, and credit me with the assist. 

Cunning Stunts
Cunning Stunts

I was at the Taste of Anaheim that was pretty lame last night. Long lines and mediocre at best. There were only 2 things that made it worth it. #1 The Ranch Booth #2 Staring at the Hooters Girls!

While booths were passing out things like creamy crab dip, bruchetta, meatballs. The Ranch was passing out lamb chop lollipops with a mint Chimichurri, and a lemon pana cota desert with blueberries and pistachios. They also had these special beans they get from Napa California (forget the name). I mean rally well done. They stood out like Chef Ming Tsai cooking his food inside a booth inside a Panada Express!!!!

I worry about that location though....Its kinda hidden and not really a dining mecca. Allegedly this concept is being bank rolled by some super millionaire. So I wonder why they didn't pick a better location in OC?

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

Because it's at the site of his new corporate offices—he owns Extron Electronics, which is sort of all over that intersection (north of it, south of it, etc.).

I'm not sure about the location—it certainly stands out, but it's not near the Resort, and it's not along the path from the Pond or Angel Stadium to the local freeways. Who knows, though. 

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