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The Lime Truck's Jason Quinn
As I wrote earlier this week, two of OC's luxe loncheras are contestants on the second season of The Great Food Truck Race, which is being filmed at this very moment. Although The Lime Truck and Seabirds are contractually prohibited by The Food Network to talk to anyone, news on what the challenges have been, what cities they're in, who's been competing and even who's been eliminated can easily be gleaned by reading local blogs and following the Twitter feeds of food truck fanatics like Michelle Reynoso.

Reports coming out from each city as the show progresses from town to town on its way to a Miami finale has essentially given us a play by play on how our two local trucks are doing. Even Good Morning America's Robin Roberts did a segment, leaking vital details about the show which is not slated to air until August (the challenge at their stop in Denver: forage for mushrooms and cook them).

But today, we get a different perspective. When I published my blog post on Monday, the first to comment was The Lime Truck's Jason Quinn's dad, Robert Quinn. I took the opportunity to talk to the man, get his beat on things and whether his son is even allowed to call home.

Warning: Some possible SPOILERS ahead.

OC WEEKLY: So how did you find out that your son and his truck were going to compete in the second season of The Great Food Truck Race?

JASON'S DAD: I heard directly from Jason that they'd been contacted by the producers of the show about the possibility of participating in the show. We discussed the pros and cons and I knew when they applied and made their audition tape. When they heard that they'd been selected as one of the eight contestants I think I was one of the first calls. The fact that they'd be gone for up to two months had a profound impact on a lot of our plans and arrangements had to be made.

OCW: On the team along with Jason, there's co-founder Daniel Shemtob, but who is the third team member?

JASON'S DAD: The third member of the crew is Jesse Brockman. He's a culinary school graduate who'd been working with the truck for several months. He and Jason work very well together and he's a very strong second in the kitchen.

OCW: Rumor is that they bought a second truck just for the occasion, which can be deduced by the fact that the original truck is still servicing OC while the boys are competing with another truck. Can you confirm or deny this?

JASON'S DAD: I see no problem in confirming that they acquired a second truck. If you watch yesterday's segment on Good Morning America (see above), you will notice that the truck that is being used on the show is not the truck we're all used to seeing around Orange County.

OCW: What are their plans for the second truck once the competition is all over?

JASON'S DAD: I am under the impression that when they return to the OC, they'll be operating both trucks.

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