Free Ice Blended Drinks At Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Summer Open House TODAY

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Not to be outdone by the frappuccino mixologists at Starbucks, rival Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will one-up them with absolutely free Ice Blendeds this afternoon. Their open house hours are even reasonable enough to swing by after work, so why not check them out?

Three featured concoctions will be offered between the hours of 4-7pm, today only. 12-ounce serving sizes of the following:

Mocha Mint Chip - Rich, complex chocolate with balanced espresso notes, and a creamy, sweet minty finish.

Cookies & Cream
- Sweet and creamy with decadent chocolate cookie and vanilla cream notes.

And one more--yes!--after the jump!
Espresso Cream - Rich, bold espresso flavor, creamy and smooth, balanced with just the right amount of sweetness.

Double-check your nearest CB&TL to confirm they are participating. One place this will not be valid is inside any Ralphs location. Here's a link if you have further complaints questions.

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