LA Times: The History Behind Huntington Beach's Don the Beachcomber

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John Gilhooley
If you've ever wondered what the story was behind places like Don The Beachcomber and Trader Vic's, the LA Times published a good but short article on Donn Beach, father of the Polynesian-themed restaurant and a subculture of people called tiki-philes.

The article will not be news to those Hawaiian-shirted, mai-tai-and-zombie connoisseurs who already flock in droves to revel in the tropical-island-kitsch of Huntington Beach's Don The Beachcomber, but it presents a neat and tidy primer on how a bootlegger and speakeasy proprietor named Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt became Donn Beach-Comber and started the whole craze.

Huntington Beach's restaurant, the story points out, is one of only two left anywhere. The other is in Hawaii.

To read the LA Times story, click here. To read a review of it, click here.

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Don the Beachcomber

16278 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA

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Fantastic restaurant and food.  While staying in Huntington Beach, we ate here and really enjoyed the food.


Great article about a great place. The story about the dagger from dagger bar is a good one.

The Late Ixo
The Late Ixo

Done right, these kinds of restaurants can be a great change from the ordinary -- mighty enjoyable, if you're with a loose and loving woman.

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