Daphne's California Greek Announces Kelly Slater As "Brand Ambassador"

Kelly Slater Facebook page

When surf legend Kelly Slater isn't riding a wave, the brah is working on his professional image. He's teamed up with the retooled San Diego-based chain we might never refer to as Daphne's California Greek to try and convince people it's no longer the pita of horrors it was for so many years.

"I think Daphne's has a great platform to get the word out and is right in line with a lot of my ideas about food, so I'm glad to be on board with them," Slater said in a press release. As the founding member of Team Daphne's, he has the honor of hand-picking his own surfing team, having a presence in their social media, and consulting on menu development. Responsibilities fit for a king, or in his case, the number one ranked surfer in the world. Additional ambassadors can look forward to similar job descriptions.

Per CEO Bill Trefethen, "He is a natural fit for our brand as he shares the same vision of living a healthy, active lifestyle."

One question: Will he be the exception to the 'No shirt. No shoes. No service.' policy?

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Yes, indeedy...just what we need..."California-ized" Greek cuisine.. My wife & I loved the "old" Daphne's menu & dined there weekly. It was always pretty busy when we were there. We recently returned to find this revamped horror show. Ugh. We're done. It wasn't broken, yet you "fixed " it

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