BusinessWeek: What It's Like to Work at Taco Bell

Taco Bell
The next move for Taco Bell after shaking off that pesky lawsuit? The company has allowed a BusinessWeek reporter to work the line and write a story about what it's like to be behind the drive-thru at a Tustin Taco Bell.

The article also has Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed, formerly of the detergent and personal-products division at Unilever, summing it up nicely, "I think at Unilever, we had five factories. Well, at Taco Bell today, I've got 6,000 factories, many of them running 24 hours a day."
It's a good and revealing read. Some of the revelations: employees are called either "Service Champions" or "Food Champions." Under the Food Champion designation, there are subcategories of Steamers, Stuffers and Expeditors, the labels given to those who have their workdays boiled down to a specific task so they take as few footsteps as possible during a shift.

The most dreaded order? The Crunchwrap Supreme--the chain's most complex, time-intensive foodstuff to prepare. A typical employee already has a lot to juggle. The best workers have the 78-item menu memorized and can produce 100 tacos, chalupas, gorditas and burritos in less than 30 minutes, the article states.

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Frequent Taco Bell Boycotter
Frequent Taco Bell Boycotter

I happen to know a kid you could ask who now, last summer, at age 10 (YEAH.. 10!) was hired and paid under the table to work (for less than minimum wage, of course) at the Taco Bell in Costa Mesa on 17th St. & Newport Blvd. NO JOKE! And that's just how little they care about American ADULTS WHO DESPERATELY NEED WORK... If you're interested in knowing more, then do some research on how poorly they pay/treat/etc. their farmers, growers & workers (families included, of course!) around the world.. espec. in South America, etc.!




I can see those resumes now...

* STEAMER (June 2009-November 2009)

* SENIOR STEAMER (November 2009-Present)


The fascination with and the amount of articles written about Taco Bell on this blog are amazing to me.

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