Black Box Wines, Our Drink of the Week!

Kind of looks like the monolith from 2001--you kids do know that film, right?

My memory of boxed wines from when I was a teen and wanted to mix up my diet of Kahlua and Presidente was watery syrup: dreck lighter than wine coolers, lighter than water, with strange tints from weirdly shaped boxes. And that's what I thought would be the case with Black Box Wines--we received them a couple of weeks ago, and they've just been sitting at my desk. But ustedes deserve wino options, so I decided to pop the top, squeeze the spigot, and let the vino flow.

Verdict? Not bad.

I popped open the Chardonnay (there's also a Merlot), and it had a strong, fruity-sweet flavor--thicker than I like my Chardonnays, but with a pleasing scent, and not too strong in alcoholic wallop. It stays fresh for four weeks after opening, although I'm assuming anyone who buys it will immediately pour everyone a glass. One box equals four bottles, so it's perfect for an office to get nice and loose and reach those goals!

There are more than a few places in Orange County that stock Black Box Wines (of course, our go-to place for anything boozy is Hi-Times), but it seems the only restaurant that carries it is the Fish in a Bottle duo. But this isn't a wine to swirl around and clink with a date--this is a yeoman's drink for when he wants a good buzz, a classy one, but doesn't want to open that bottle of Scotch just yet.

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Tripp Middleton
Tripp Middleton

Gustavo, great article.  I am a big fan of Bag-in-Box wine also, Black Box has some great varieties and I love the Maipe Malbec I am drinking currently.  You are probably aware of all the environmental benefits of BIB packaging as well.  

I have developed a 3 liter premium wine box dispenser, Boxxle, to dispense my boxed wine with a little more style and ease.  Please take a look,, I would love to know what you think!

Luna M.
Luna M.

I've been drinking Black Box wine for a few years now. The favorite in our house is the Cab. It's a decent tasting, economical choice to have on hand for that everyday kind of glass. The equivalent of 4 bottles of better-than-average wine for $20 in a box that is good for a month on the counter? SOLD, BABY! It's also a greener choice for those who swing that way. Black Box is widely distributed and can be picked up at just about any major big box grocery store, which is another plus. The alternative, lower-cost packaging (and related shipping/distribution costs) make for great savings that can be passed down to the consumer. Especially for a currently laid off person like myself. I don't have to completely cut wine out of my life now many thanks to this new generation of very drinkable self-contained wines. Although, I have to admit, I tend to overserve myself in glasses and volume because of the awesome easy-pour spout. ;-)

I happen to be one of the most slanted, pro-America rah-rah-we-rock-like-NO-OTHER people out there, but when it comes to 'cardboard' wines, our butts need to get off the high horse, do a little research, and open our minds a bit more. Other countries, especially Australia, have been on the premium boxed wine wagon for a long while now. 50% of the wine sold in Australia is in this category, Tindindi being one of the more popular brands. One particular U.S. wine bar proudly and unapologetically serves up Tindindi as their house wine (as I'd read in an article on the web). In fact, Wine Enthusiast magazine has rated Black Box Reserve Merlot at 87 points and the 2009 Bota Box Old Vine Zinfandel received 88 points (or, specifically, "Very Good: Often good value; well recommended"). Wine snobs, or those on a budget, should definitely revisit the boxed wine option to supplement their at-home, picnic or party vino enjoyment at the very least.

In fact, I'd brought the Chardonnay and Cab to a get-together one day and someone snottily said, with a huge eyeroll, "Wine in a BOX?!" Come to find out later through a friend, they had bought the same boxes for their own consumption later. Ummm-hmmm. WHO rocks now?

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