Beverly Hills Salad Restaurant Picks Out Costa Mesa Location

A few months ago, I wrote up a post announcing that Greenleaf Gourmet ChopShop, a Beverly Hills restaurant that focuses on salads made by a duo of ex-Patina Group restaurant chefs, had its eye on Costa Mesa for their third store (their first in OC).

After it published, the PR people for the restaurant politely requested that I take down the post for untold reasons, perhaps because it might have undermined their bargaining power when it came to negotiating leases and such. I politely declined.

Well, it appears they've gotten past that part now as The Daily Pilot reports the restaurant has submitted an application to the city for a 1,948-square-foot restaurant at 234 E. 17th Street in Costa Mesa, across the street from an OC Weekly favorite, Avanti Cafe.

If all goes well and the thing opens, Costa Mesans will see a menu of salads with names such as "Kitchen Sink Cobb," "The Antioxidant Orchard," "Buffalo 'Wangs'" and the "Mexplosion."

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If me and my friends did bachelorette parties in Western New York, we'd definitely be the "Buffalo Wangs" 

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