Wall Street Journal Throws in Gratuitous Slam Against Obama in Article about Dining Dress Codes

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There is much to criticize about President Barack Obama, whether from the left or right, but to blame him for the nation's continuing loosening of dining dress codes, a trend that has gone on for decades? Only the most frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic would ever make such a case.

Which leads us to the Wall Street Journal.

In an article already getting derided for being years late to the trend, Journal reporter Steve Gabarino examines why Americans no longer keep tight boundaries on dress codes at restaurants. The Journal being the Journal, he's able to get quotes from legendary dressers-authors Tom Wolfe and Gay Talese. But the Journal now being the Murdoch-owned shell of its former self, Gabardino also throws in this laugher:

Some say the casual-Friday-everyday mandate came from the top: the White House. When President Obama took office in 2009, he quickly declared the end of George W. Bush's jacket-and-tie requirement for staffers and the policy of no jeans, sneakers, miniskirts, tank tops or flip-flops for visitors.

It's true: Obama did loosen the dress code for his staff--but it didn't go any lower than business casual and had nothing to do with formal dinners.

But who are Gabarin's mythical "some"? No one--not one quote, not one critic, not one example offered as proof. Weak sauce.

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This is right up there with stories I give a rat's behind about, although it does continue obama's theme to diminish the office and the country.

Latonya "Keed" Bunn
Latonya "Keed" Bunn

I finally read the Wall St. Journal story. Sigh. I know they don't pay Gustavo, but really.

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