Wadiya, OC's Only Sri Lankan Restaurant, Closes :-(

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Should've stocked up while I had the chance...DAMN IT!!!

It's stories like the following that make me hate that I care about great eating in OC, which makes me think that no one actually cares about the recommendations we offer: Wadiya, the only Sri Lankan restaurant in Southern California, a place that served perhaps the world's greatest condiment in its coconut sambal and should've rightfully been packed nightly instead of its regular sparse crowds, is no longer with us.

Weekly contributor Gabriel San Roman confirmed the rumor I'd been hearing for a couple of days--fuck. He says a new restaurant has already taken its place, Let's hope the owners keep some of those amazing Sri Lankan dishes on the menu.

Meanwhile, Javier's is still crowded--and I realize that not only does God exist, but He can be an asshole supreme.

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