Voluminous $625 Cookbook "Modernist Cuisine" Puts Out a Voluminous List of Corrections

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So you remember Modernist Cuisine, the $625 multi-volume cookbook that weighs in at 50 pounds? They recently released an equally formidable list of corrections, fessing up to the mistakes with:

"Modernist Cuisine is the prod­uct of human beings. And like all human cre­ations, it con­tains imper­fec­tions. Despite our best efforts to find and elim­i­nate every error before the book went to press, some mis­takes slipped through. In a few cases the instruc­tions or dis­cus­sions in the book just aren't as clear as they ought to be. Some read­ers have sent in cor­rec­tions, for which we are grate­ful. One reader, Larry Lofthouse, checked all our tem­per­a­ture con­ver­sions and scal­ing per­cent­ages, and iden­ti­fied quite a few errors."

To their credit, most are innocuous grammatical corrections and spelling mistakes like mistyping Monet for Manet, "minuscule" for "miniscule". But then there are others that seem more, um, important? Like this one:

"The recipe for Halibut Cheek Gel Base should call for 0.36% of sodium citrate with a scaling of 0.1% and a special scaling of 0.25%, 0.36% of high-acyl gellan with a scaling of 0.1% and a special scaling of 0.25%, and 150 g of fish stock mixture with a scaling of 37.5%."
So, hey, now when you totally screw up your Halibut Cheek Gel Base, you have no one to blame but yourself!

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