USDA Pushing for School Districts to Buy Food from Local Farmers

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From the Irvine Farmers' Market: Will Organic Pears Make it into SanTana Unified?

Jamie Oliver and Michelle Obama, take note: the United States Department of Agriculture has just announced that it's implementing a rule that is "encouraging" school districts to buy from local farmers for their school lunches.

"This rule is an important milestone that will help ensure that our children have access to fresh produce and other agricultural products," blabbed  Agriculture Under Secretary Kevin Concannon in a press release. "It will also give a much-needed boost to local farmers and agricultural producers."

They really don't spell out how "schools and other providers [will] give preference to unprocessed locally grown and locally raised agricultural products as they purchase food," whether it's economically feasible, and how such "encouragement" will turn into a full-fledged food revolution, but this is a welcome development to counter the scourge of chimichangas and tater tots that have plagued local school lunches for decades. Imagine the synergy that could happen if, say, the vendors at the Irvine Farmers market sold what they didn't sell Saturday mornings to feed local kiddies for the following week? One can only dream...

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+1 - for the FDA (a rare occurance indeed - lets hope it's a new direction for them).

-1 - for Bureaucrats - who know sunlight only makes them look bad.

10 - & an additional deduct for Bureaucrats - we now have to pay for multiple airbags in our personal cars & trucks to protect us from ourselfs (not wearing our seatbelts) - yet after 40+ years of being std in personal vehicles - seatbelts are still not reqd in schoolbuses because they're ... too expensive ... duh ...

Wylie Glick
Wylie Glick

Like most people, when I walk into a restaurant, I ask two questions: (1) How much loco-voyeurism be goin' down? (2) Where's the bathroom? Surprisingly, there's no correlation.

I do like claiming all those benefits, financial and health benefits, enhanced picking up of Earth Mamas, etc., and don't need no facts and figures raising preguntas y dudas. Not much of a broccoli fan either.


Here is a real solution that is economically viable way to get local vegetables and berries to schools.

The emerging field of vertical organic urban farming offers schools the following benefits; drastically reduce their produce/food costs, provides the kids with healthier and larger selection of fresh vegetables and berries plus provides a substantial amount of cash that can be used any way the school decides. Home Town Farms is a leader in this new field.

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