This Week in Food: Great Pot-Laced Desserts, Cal-Mex, and Mega-Bacon!

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As always, so many great things this week we have to give it to you after the jump!

Michelle reported on Panda Express possibly invading China, wrote about the fake-beef Taco Bell lawsuit getting dropped, and linked to Stephen Colbert's hilarious video talking about "Spring Spheres," the weak-sauce lib name for Easter eggs.

Shuji went bacon-crazy this week: how to make it perfectly, a contest, and where to the fake stuff. Yikes!

Dave went down TJ way to find beautifully fried chicken necks, liked Holé Molé's potato tacos but not its ridiculous name, and gave us five old-man gin drinks.

Edwin got drunk after work at the Daily Grill in Irvine, found a restaurant that has plants as customers, and had a brief preview of Orange's latest farmer's market.

Javier checked in on the latest local foie gras controversy, this one involving Marché Modern. On a happier note, he discovered that Southern California's best pot pastries come from Anacrime!
Anne Marie interviewed Chef Oge Dalken from the new Chapter One: the modern bistro, and found Viagra beer brewed just for the coming British royal wedding.

And finally--and definitely leastly--I ate at the Inland Empire's oldest Mexican restaurant and found a good cemita poblana in Orange!

Happy eating!

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