Taco Rosa to Hold Fundraiser for Costa Mesa Non-Profit This Friday

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There are few restaurateurs for me that can do no wrong, and one of them is Ivan Calderón of Taco Mesa fame. Not only has his food remained consistently delicious over the years (even while appealing to a largely gabacho audience), but Calderón has also been strong community leaders in their home base of Costa Mesa, helping out various nonprofits and standing strong against the Know Nothings that have unduly influenced city government over the past years.

It's in this spirit that Calderón is opening up his family's Newport Beach jewel, Taco Rosa this Friday for a fundraiser for Save Our Youth (SOY), a longtime Costa Mesa nonprofit on whose board of directors he sits and that's been under attack for daring to help out underprivileged, mostly Mexi kids. Details after the jump!

The event happens this Friday at Taco Rosa in Newport Beach starting at 5:30 p.m., and while the tickets are a bit pricey ($50 pre-sale, $60 at the door), at least you go in known there will be great food and drinks to be had instead of your umpteenth charity chicken dinner. See you there!

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Taco Rosa

2632 San Miguel Drive, Newport Beach, CA

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Ooooooooh! I just loves when things gets testy!!!


He serves only gazpacho soup? Huh??I'll type my comment immediately after the jump!Throw that cheap crap around about Know Nothings and "daring to help out underprivileged, mostly Mexi kids," Gustavo, without stating or at least referencing some kinda' details. That way, we can't challenge your ignorance, and I have no doubt it's ignorance of the first water, whether your opinion is accidentally right or accidentally wrong or somewhere else in outer space.Jumped-to part concluded!


We have certain expectations of our readers here, Tanmoy: you should know the basics of OC, like who's Bren, who's Brownie, and the craziness that's happened in Costa Mesa the past couple of years. If you're unfamiliar with those terms, por favor acquaint yourself by reading our archives. Gracias!

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