The Slightly Frightening World of Star Wars-Related Foods

Flickr user megpi
Star Wars cupcakes? Oh, please. The Internet is much more creative than that. So powerful is the draw of the Force that nerds the world over are drawn to make a universe of Star Wars-related foods. Some of them are a little more . . . hmm . . . artisanal than others, but when you're obsessed, it shows even in the product of your kitchen. Some of the items below even have directions, in case you're so inclined. (If you have a picture of Star Wars-related food, post a link in a comment! The nerdier the better.)

1. Darth Egg Salad Sandwich

Confession time. We'd totally make this. We'd totally make this in the privacy of our own homes, and then eat it in a closet where nobody could see our secret shame. It's the best (only?) reason ever to buy a Darth Vader helmet-shaped cookie cutter: Darth Egg Salad sandwiches. The recipe? Over at Forewarned is forearmed: The recipe calls for a tablespoon of hot sauce, so just like its namesake, it will kick your ass.

2. Death Star Canteloupe

Flickr user oskay
Kids won't eat enough fruit? Fine. Make a Death Star Melon, following the directions at Evil Mad Scientist, and they still won't eat it, but at least they'll laugh at you.

3. Wampa of Hoth

Flickr user diamondgeyser
Oh, what to do with those old coconut shells and chiles left over from making homemade Thai food? I know! Let's make a Wampa. And a really disturbing illuminated pineapple.

4. Millennium Falcon Pizza

Flickr user imelda
Don't play with your food; it's got to complete the Kessel run in fewer than 12 parsecs. (Oh, Han Solo, you great buffoon, parsecs measure distance, not time.) Still, if you sprinkle some oregano on it, you may convince a particularly gullible kid that it's Glitterstim spice.

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