Brick Thrown Through Window at Skosh Monahan's

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Names might not hurt Costa Mesa Mayor Gary Monahan, but having them attached to a brick and thrown through his front door probably will. At least, that was the case early Sunday morning, when one was projected into his bar, Skosh Monahan's.

You'll undoubtedly hear more about it over at Navel Gazing, but the summary: Monahan found a note attached, allegedly threatening him over his role in trying to outsource about half of Costa Mesa's city jobs.

"It had nothing to do with the bar. It had nothing to do with anything else," Monahan insisted to the press. And to think I originally thought it happened because he hung a Giants banner on the door.

In the meanwhile, if you still want to get sloshed on decent-priced Jameson and Guinness, or eat up food that seems fried in years-old oil, Skosh Monahan's remains the place to visit. Just don't talk politics, okay?

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Skosh Monahan's

2000 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA

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as you sow so shall ye reap


go to Harp Inn. Much better food and real Irish bartenders


"decent-priced Jameson and Guinness?" - this is a joke right?

Cunning Stunts
Cunning Stunts

It does not seem like there have been any brick and mortar restaurant reviews in this blog lately. I can only speak for myself, but I wish we could get back to that on this blog. I for one go to a lot of the places you review and love trying new places.


No pun intended, of course! We actually don't do TOO many straightforward reviews of new places here—never really have, as that's more the domain of the print edition. We can't give ALL of our secrets, you know...that said, duly noted.

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