Toast The Royal Wedding With...Viagra Beer?

Royal Virility.jpg
Celebrate Big Willy style....

While all eyes will be on William and Kate next week in a wedding of epic proportions, Brits will toast the newlyweds with all sorts of bubbly, including one named Royal Virility Performance. This isn't the only commemorative beverage made for the special day, but it's the only one containing herbal Viagra. The limited edition brew is only for sale in England, with shipping starting the morning before the April 29th wedding date.

The thousand-bottle, small-batch India Pale Ale reportedly contains 7.5 percent alcohol, and includes cultivated ingredients Horny Goat Weed and chocolate. How classy! To show the guys at BrewDog are not in it for the money, 20% of profits will be donated to the William-approved charity, Centrepoint.

Adorned with a crude caricature of the couple, and encouraging phrases like 'Arise Prince Willy', the brewmasters at BrewDog claim that three of their bottles are the equivalent of one Viagra pill. Naturally, they've already shipped off a bottle to the groom, per James Watt, director of stuff (his real title). "We put a bottle in a jiffy bag marked 'Prince Willy, Buckingham Palace,'" he told Fleet Street. "We sent it by Royal Mail as we presume they are most likely to know where he lives. As the bottle says, this is about consummation, not commemoration, so we hope he gets it."

Nothing like a thoughtful gift to kick start the wedding night. I'm sure the queen would approve. Brings new meaning to the term stiff drink.

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