Eat Here, Not There: Quick-Order Falafel

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Anne Marie Panoringan

For years, the only connection I had with falafel was from She's All That when Laney asks Zack, "Would you like to super-size those falafel balls?" Falafels have gained prominence since then, especially in OC, home of Little Arabia and more than a few Greek restaurants. Still, too many rely on dry, grainy falafels as their standard--a big no-no.

You could go to Daphne's, the McDonald's of Greek food, which recently underwent a massive makeover on which the jury is still out. Or you can try Pita Hot.

Tasty falafel has a dual texture, the slight crunchy exterior encasing a flavorful and moist (but not dense) interior. It's always light, not heavy in the tummy, and never greasy. With those criteria, I tried a falafel plate my first visit, and a falafel wrap the next time I was there.

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Extreme close-up!

While the balls were more smooshed/borderline UFO-shaped than jawbreaker round, they still maintained the crisp outer layer. Once broken, its fork tenderness is just right. Since these are cooked to order, their integrity remains untouched until you take a bite. I'd ramble on about service or decor, but all you need to know is that it's cheaper than Daphne's and you can customize your plate or wrap with pretty much any combination of sauces, sides or salads. While the 'Pita' in Pita Hot is more room temperature, the falafel is worth a taste.

Pita Hot, 1343 E. Chapman Ave., Fullerton, (714) 449-0100.

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still mourning the loss of Felafel King at the Block in Orange...

Jayne Yang
Jayne Yang

Looks delish! Great review, Anne Marie!


regarding Daphne's & their makeover. My take = vast suckage. As is my opinion of what passed for falafel on their menu (they were more like falafel discs, dry & flavorless), which I'm sure weren't improved w/ the new decor & "fun" new menu.Moonlight Pizza & Chicken on Warner at Brookhurst in FV has a very good falafel sandwich, but for some reason hardly ever has falafel available to make it. Wish more non-Anahiem area restaurants would offer it for those south of there

Pita Pocket Pool
Pita Pocket Pool

Moonlight rocks! I have noticed one correlation, if the dad or son answer the phone chances are greater than 75% they will be out of falfel. If mom answers the phone, chances are greater than 75% they will have falafel. Maybe mom is out shopping for falafel when the others answer the phone?


lol...well, I always just show up & ask if they have it, usually Mom is at the counter when I'm there, & it is usually "not today" when I ask. A few times she told me they ran out, which I find hard to believe since I was there around 11:30. But when they do have it (& when the son makes them) OMG..killer (& I always get garlic sauce to smear on it.) I guess they just don't get enough people in there who order it. My Plan B sandwich in this case is their chicken gyros, which is also excellent!

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