Pho Thanh Lich, Final Pho Get the Good Food Treatment

Pho Thanh Lich continued its victory lap this weekend as the best pho in Orange County. Following its victory in the Final Pho, I also reviewed it for KCRW-FM 89.9's Good Food with Evan Kleiman. Look for a review of the place in our dead-tree issue...soon. In the meanwhile, enjoy the clip!

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Cunning Stunts
Cunning Stunts

I hope you guys don't stop reviewing Pho places just because the Final Pho competition ended. There are so many of these places and we all love hearing about them.

I have heard a lot about Pho Lu on Westminster and every time I pass it, it looks very busy. Hope someone chimes in about it or that you guys do a review. It opens fairly late. I think 3 AM on weekends. The only bad thing is it looks a tad expensive at 6 bucks as they don't do those 50%, 40% off specials like the Pho ground zero where all those restaurants compete by Pho Thahn Lich. I like to call that area Pho Mart.

Like I said, I have been running behind you guys trying all the places you reviewed. Just want to let you know that I tried Pho Quang Trung and wrote about it, but it wasn't the location you guys tried and everyone said the location you tried was better. I wrote about how the broth seemed to lack depth and flavor and we attributed it to the fact that it was the "other location" and that it was chicken pho.

Well, last night we went to the "good location" the same one you went to . We ordered beef Pho and it still seemed to lack flavor in the broth.

So I just wanted to let everyone know that I was not happy with either location.

Again, looking forward to more Pho reviews as our family eats this about once a week as it cheaper to go eat it than to cook at home!

Don't let the Pho die.....

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

The pho won't die. We just need some time to recover... most of us ate more than a dozen bowls of it in the space of two weeks.

Pho Quang Trung is all about the chicken pho, honestly. I kind of like the beef pho (and didn't have the depth issue), but their chicken pho is knock-it-out-of-the-park good.

We'll take a look at Pho Lu after we stop sloshing around every time we walk somewhere.

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