A Passover-Themed Toilet Seat Cover, Or: How Not To Decorate for Passover

Photo: Meryl Eisenstein
Guess what this is.

No, it's not a matzoh warmer. Good guess, though.

This is a Passover decoration that goes on the place the matzoh eventually gets to. Yes, dear readers, a friend of mine saw this Passover-themed toilet seat cover for sale in the kosher section of a Shaw's supermarket in Canton, Massachusetts.

The idea of "decorating" for Passover is a little odd anyway, given that the point of the holiday is that the malech ha-movess--the angel of death--passed over houses whose doorways had been painted with lamb's blood.

Still, this is America, and if you want to decorate for Passover, then by all means, go ahead. A word to the wise, though: Not all decorations pass the test of good taste. Novelty toilet seat covers bought from a bin at the supermarket? Pass over it.

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