Local Caterer Featured In Cupcake Wars Hosting Open House Tomorrow

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In December, Gustavo reported on a Brea catering company making it to the championship round in an episode of Food Network's Cupcake Wars. Parties by Panache is their name, and they have used their newfound exposure to expand their offerings. To celebrate, they are holding an Open House this week for clients and fans.

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In business for over 20 years, Hollis O'Brien and her catering team are busy prepping final touches for guests. Festivities will be held at the newly renovated office and will not only feature new menu items, but some of their preferred, vendors too. I'm sure the attention-getting cupcakes will be making an appearance as well.  Rumor has it that a few entertaining demos are also in store. Can we say liquid nitrogen? Sounds like Top Chef: Just Desserts meets Marcel's Quantum Kitchen.

The shindig is scheduled between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., so don't be tardy to the party (sorry; mixed up my cable channels there). To RSVP for this event, please contact Parties by Panache at (714) 572-2190.

Parties by Panache is located at 2802 E. Imperial Hwy in Brea, (714) 572-2190; www.partiesbypanache.com.

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Matt M.
Matt M.

Parties by Panache is the best! The cupcakes are delicious...I had one of the cupcakes that was featured on the show and it was way better than anything I've had from Sprinkles!

Richard Espinachio
Richard Espinachio

Actually we will have way more to offer than cupcakes! LOL! We are not a cupcake shop, but you should try some of the Braised Short Ribs in Potato, or assortment of our soups and much more. Trust us, we would like to let everyone know, we are not just cupcakes!

Cunning Stunts
Cunning Stunts

I rather read about 100 more pho places (even after the latest Final Pho writeups) than 1 more article that has the word cupcake in it.

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