Orange County Gets Its Own Version of the Edible Magazine Empire

If you've been to enough farmers' markets, you'll eventually encounter a magazine called Edible, pertaining to the area the farmers market serves: Edible Los Angeles. Edible San Diego. Edible Ventura. Edible Coto de Caza--kidding!

Kind of. This month sees the debut of Edible Orange County, our entry into the sustainable sweepstakes.

The Edible series ain't exactly Gastronomica, and the first OC edition ain't exactly local or even about food--some guy goes chasing mostly LA-based luxe loncheras, and there's a feature on local harp players. Um, okay. But the issue's saving grace was a profile of a local farm--I'd give more specifics, but you should pick up an issue yourself. We welcome Edible Orange County to la naranja's continuing food conversation and wish it well!

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